Monthly Lecture Series

2015 Speakers: 3rd Thurs., Sept.-May, 7pm at Mathews Maritime Museum

March 19 - Karen Duhring, a Coastal Management Scientist with 25 yrs. experience in VA and FL. She has been at VIMS with the Center for Coastal Resources Management since 1999. Her expertise includes shoreline management, coastal habitats, and environmentally friendly landscaping. She has visited hundreds of Virginia shorelines as a coastal advisor to property owners and Local Wetlands Boards. She also provides outreach education & training for various audiences.

Her lecture on “Coastal Management in Mathews County” will feature results from a shoreline & tidal marsh inventory project completed in 2012. These mapping projects are designed to help coastal communities understand and manage shoreline erosion, tidal flooding, habitat loss, water quality problems, and invasive species.

Feb. 19 - Cancelled due to weather - The dugout canoe will be the topic of the Mathews Maritime Foundation’s February speaker’s meeting. It will be presented by Mr. William Stickney who will describe how a reproduction of the dugout was constructed at Jamestown, VA.
Native Americans were the first to use the dugout on the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay, and the dugout and its variants were commonly used in this area until the 1930’s.
This presentation follows the construction of a replica dugout fashioned from a 16’ cypress log for a museum exhibit at the Jamestown Settlement. The process of construction and what may have been used by the early people of Virginia will be discussed along with a slide show.
This event is free and the public is invited to enjoy this presentation on Thursday, Feb. 19th. at 7 PM, at the MMF Museum, 482 Main St. Mathews Court House, VA.

Upcoming Events

Museum Opens -
Season begins in April, Fri. & Sat. 10am-2pm. Volunteers needed!

Boat Building Work Days -
Work sessions held at the Gwynn's Island Boat Shop for work on Peggy of New Point and the new Gill 12 Mini Tug. Details and dates to come.