The Mathews Maritime Museum, owned and operated by the Mathews Maritime Foundation, houses artifacts, documents, and photographs depicting the history and legacy of Mathews County, the Middle Peninsula of Virginia, and the Chesapeake Bay.

What's Ahead?

Our enthusiasm for preserving history is always growing, and so is our collection! Help us continue to restore historic boats, fund programs like family boatbuilding, and preserve relics that represent maritime in Mathews.

Going forward, we hope to move the museum out of it’s current public facility and into a new home for artifacts, research media, and educational activities.

Your tax deductible donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.

The Museum - Collections and Lending Library

The museum’s collection currently numbers over 2065 items!

Our collections include:


Boatbuilding Tools

Watermen Tools

Various Types of Boat Artifacts

Nautical Books

Models of Boats

US Navy Relics

Civil War Memorabilia

Merchant Mariner Artifacts

Navigational Tools and Charts

Photos, Photos, Photos


Nautical Clothing and Gear

Commercial Maritime Items

The Museum is located in downtown Mathews at 482 Main Street.

We welcome you! Doors are open from 10am-2pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Season lasts April to November.

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Oral History

The Oral History Program documents local stories and memories of how things used to be, so that these valuable accounts will not be lost to future generations. Tell your story. Contact our musuem at (804) 725-4444.